Two Rivers Supervisory Union



The new districts are working on policy adoption. This page is a work in progress.


A1 - Role & Adoption of School Board Policies

B3 - Board Member Conflict of Interest

D6 - Substitute Teachers

D8 - Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace

D10 - Complaints About Personnel

D11 - Drug & Alcohol Testing: Transportation Employees

D12 - Employee Harassment

D13 - Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act Compliance (HIPAA)

D18 - Social Networking, Social Media, Media Sites & Personal Sites; Employee Use of

E1 - Fiscal Management & General Financial Accountability

E8 - Tobacco Prohibition

F5 - Education Records

F7 - Student Alcohol & Drugs

F9-GM - Transportation (Green Mountain Unified School District)

F9-LMH - Transportation (Ludlow-Mount Holly Unified Union School District)

F9-TECH - Transportation (TECH)

F9-TRSU - Transportation (Two Rivers Supervisory Union)

F19 - Limited English Proficiency Students

F21 - Firearms

F23 - Participation of Home Study Students

F25 - Student Attendance

F26 - Restraint and Seclusion, The Use of

F26.003 - Restraint/Seclusion Documentation Reporting Form

F27 - Pupil Privacy Rights

F28 - Wellness Policy, Federal Child Nutrition Act & Nutrition

F30 - Prevention of Harassment, Hazing & Bullying of Students

F30.001 - Prevention of Harassment, Hazing & Bullying of Students - PROCEDURE

G1 - Curriculum Development & Coordination

G2 - Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements (PBGR)

G9 - Grade Advancement: Retention, Promotion & Acceleration of Students

G11 - Acceptable and Responsible Use of Electronic Resources and the Internet

G12 - Title I Comparability

G13 - Animal Dissection

G14 - Class Size

Adopted Policies

The following policies are all approved and in one document. If you would like to view them individually, please see above.

A1, B3, D6, D7, D8, D11, D12, D13, D18, E1, E8, F5, F7, F9-GM, F9-LMH, F9-TECH, F9-TRSU,

F19, F21, F23, F25, F26, F26:003, F27, F28, F30, F30:001, G1, G2, G9, G11, G12, G13, G14, H7


D01, D02, D10, E11, F01, F03, F11, F12, F29

11.14.18 Policies for Adoption.pdf

G04, G04-C, G07, H03, H04

11.14.18 Policies First Read.pdf