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What follows is a chronological posting of all warned Policy Committee meetings. The left side is the Agenda and/or Agenda Packet and on the right are the unapproved minutes from the meeting which should be posted within 5 days of the meeting. Once the minutes are approved in a future meeting, the Agenda and Minutes are removed from the chronological list and can be found in the last section, "All Past Board Meetings".

2020.01.21 TRSU AGENDA - Policy.pdf
2020.01.21 TRSU MINUTES - Policy [unapp].pdf
Admission of resident students c31.pdf
Verification of Student Residency.pdf
2019.10.29 TRSU AGENDA - Policy.pdf
D07.V2 Volunteer.WorkStudyCheck.REQUIRED.{b2}.pdf
H08.School-CommunityRelations_For GM.pdf
2019.10.29 TRSU MINUTES - Policy [unapp].pdf
2019.08.06 TRSU AGENDA - Policy.pdf
C07.BoardMemberEducation-For GM.pdf
H08.School-CommunityRelations_For GM.pdf
C07.BoardMemberEducation-For GM.pdf
2019.08.06 TRSU MINUTES - Policy [unapp].pdf
2019.05.07 TRSU AGENDA - Policy.pdf
D07.V2 Volunteer.WorkStudyCheck.REQUIRED.{b2}.pdf
C07.BoardMemberEducation .pdf
H08.School-CommunityRelations .pdf
2019.05.07 TRSU MINUTES - Policy [unapp].pdf
2019.3.19 TRSU AGENDA - Policy.pdf
3.19.19 Policies for Consideration.pdf
2019.03.19 TRSU MINUTES - Policy [unapp].pdf
2019.1.22 TRSU AGENDA - Policy.pdf
JanuaryRecommendedPolicies_SecondReview .pdf
2019.01.22 TRSU MINUTES - Policy [unapp].pdf
2018.12.11 TRSU AGENDA - Policy.pdf
Third Review - D07.Volunteer.WorkStudyCheck.04.30.18REQUIRED.{b2}.pdf
11.13.18SecondReadPoliciesForConsideration .pdf
11.13.18NewPoliciesForConsideration .pdf
2018.12.11 TRSU MINUTES Policy Comm unapp.pdf
2018.10.02 GMUSD & LMHUUSD AGENDA - Policy Comm.pdf
Policies - First Review 10.02.2018.pdf
Recommended Policies - Second Review 10.02.2018.pdf
Recommended Policies - Third Review 10.02.2018.pdf
Third Review - D07.Volunteer.WorkStudyCheck.04.30.18REQUIRED.{b2}.pdf
2018.10.02 TRSU MINUTES - Policy [unapp].pdf
2018.09.04 GMUSD & LMUUSD AGENDA-Policy.pdf
2018.09.04 Recommended Policies.pdf
2018.09.04 GMUSD & LMHUUSD MINUTES - Policy Comm [unapp].pdf

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